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Just be...

Oh why cant I be free? Why is it NOT ok to just be ?   Why cant we be alone, be crabby, be impossible, be unfair, be quiet, be feeling sorry for myself, be sad, be happy, be doing my own thing, be what i want, be bad, be doing whatever   Why do we have to conform in society? Why do we have to always be smiling, be kind, be patient, be answering peoples questions, be talking,be pretending , be what they want us to be?   I cant take it anymore!   Oh Allah, please bless me with your everlasting Peace and Serenity and Power. Aameen

People who dont care

Salaams   Dont you hate people who cruise through life....This one girl at work is so irresponsible and doesnot complete her work and then when theres a consequence like someone pitching for a meeting at the wrong time because she didnt inform them of the right time, she still has the nerve to walk around aimlessly and do other stuff instead of explaining herself to the person! I was so mad, I made sure that I didnt have to explain because really it wasnt my fault, but she took so long so i called her and told her to hurry up because the poor guy was waiting! So she finally explained but took no responsibility for standing him up    *hrrmph* :)  

When friendship wanes....

Why is it that some people can decide when THEY want to give up on friendship and others must just accept it? Why is it ok for some people to say what they want and you must just understand and accept it? Thats not fair, Im not afraid of conflict or confrontation when necessary to understand and explain the situation.   It hurts when this happens..but theres only one thing to do and that is to bring it on and face it head on   Wish me luck!  :)