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How Allah blessed me this month

slms Allah blesses us in different ways..My latest blessing is my new work environment   Allah has given me a complete revolution in my work evironment, Alhamdulliah. From a very difficult team and management where I was downright miserable to say the least, I feel like I have a new leash on life now!   I have this wonderful manager who is so calm, understanding,cool , friendly, funny..etc etc, a senior manager who is non judgemnetal, non imposing, fresh, down to earth and has an absoultely brilliant mind and knows whats potting, Im part of  a bigger team who is playful, friendly, sooo easy to get along with and who completely gets me! we have so much fun at work Alhamdulillah, its sooo wonderful, I laugh so much at work!   Allah had to show me the worst ever to appreciate this wonderful space.If I hadnt been through hell then I wouldnt keep thanking Him so much for this happiness :)   This is how Allah has blessed me this month   :) M4life

show offs!

slms   ok. i hope i wasnt like this when i was an old hat in my previous job...this girl here really works on my nerves...bosses everyone around..atcs like she knows everything...but i must look deeper and see if it is that thats bothering me ..or that roles are reversed and im not the most experienced that why im feeling iritated ?or is it uncomfortable with not being the most knowledeable? hmm..   well at least i can learn from her how NOT to be!  yeah, ill observe all her habits and  note what i dont want to be!!   lol   :) M4life  

Affirmations- working!

Slms   Im trying this new thing ...saying affirmations to myself all the time even if I dont quite feel like I mean it just yet, it will come in time   So its gotta be present tense, positive, and continuous   like this morning I kept saying " This is a good day", "All my work is getting done", "Everything that I do will have a magical sparkle to it"     Alhamdulillah, in 2 hours I did more work that I would ordinarily do in maybe 1 day!! lol   Allah is with me :) M4life