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Islam - what u make of it

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Salaams I have finally understood what it means to be a Muslim..well sort of All my life it has been so easy to be a Muslim..just went with the flow of was all around me…musjids in my area, familky involved in islam..muslim was all handed over to easy to practice But now where I am, it is not there for me..i didn't hear the azan for 3 weeks and my heart ached…I barely see muslims around me, let alone hear or feel any semblance of Islam..does this make me a bad Muslim? It is wrong that I am not seeing Islam everyday? That's what I was thinking..that I am in this western world and its taking me away from Islam..but then I realised: I have to bring Islam into my life. Its up to me to get involved, play qirat, make zikr, read up…bring islam into my life. Its ok that I am in a western setting and islam is not readily visible to me..but its in m yheart and the more I open up to that the more I can see it in front me!

lots to learn

Slms wow!   what a life lesson! its all about perception, dammit i need to learn :( its not about how honest u are its about what image u put out there its so unfair but i need to learn u have to look innocent and sweet and pretend to be so flexible and go with the flow u cant be seen to stand up for yourself! theres no such thing as being open about ur principles!! omg   i have to learn!