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Online Halqa - Surah Ra'ad

Salaams   Just to share my take out from todays Online Halqah - from Surah Ra'ad  Vs 1-10   Allah tells us to LOOK for his signs to help us believe.   In Islam we are not expected to just believe- Allah encourages us to REFLECT, look for his signs and believe. This is so different to my Christian friend who said to me recently that in her religon its all just about faith - and I explained how in Islam its more than that - things make sense and we are encouraged to question and understand -and of course faith is crucial too - but the fact that Islam makes sense, and faith and this logic go together. Whereas she says she knows her religon (or at least her interpretation of it) doesnt always make sense! How sad for her..   So, it would be great to take a small step in implementing this surah by looking for and acknowledging 1 sign from Allah a day at least, Inshallah   :) M4Life