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Belgium....and our Islamic history!

Salaams I have just come from a weekend visit to Belgium, and from that trip something comes to mind that I'd like to share.  Belgium is known for its delicious belgian waffles, fries, chocolate...but one thing I realised is that whats most remarkable about the place is their preservation and marketing of it! Everywhere you go you are reminded of their national 'treasure' the little bronze fountain sculpture, and they have museums for everything you can think of. They combine entertainment and learning in places like Mini Europe, which is all about the great achievements of European countries, and the European Union. The thing is as Muslims we know how much we have contributed to civilisation, how we have been the first to discover key things in science, astrology, biology, everything! We have so much of a rich history and wonderful achievements. This trip made me realise how important it is that a)  we preserve our Islamic history, and make it exciting and interesting and