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My 3 steps to being able to Flourish while Fasting

Wanted to share my post - it featured in  a newsletter I sent to my BodyTalk clients and also on linked in (adapted): As the Month of Ramadaan (a month of daily Fasting for all Muslims all over world) approaches, I want to share a few of my tried and tested steps to preparing myself - body, mind and soul to being able to not only survive- but flourish while fasting. For many of us our daily schedules still continue, some people are balancing work commitments with children, others are completing school or university assignments. So its important that you take some time to acknowledge the month ahead and prepare yourself to be as productive as possible. Here 3 of my essential steps to do so: 1. Make some goals for what you would like to achieve for the month.  As this month holds with it extraordinary blessing and reward for any good deeds done,  to ensure I take maximum advantage of the opp