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Proud to be Muslim and empowered with my finances + my step-by-step Zakaat calculation

Salaams Today I went to my local Citizens advice bureau for mandatory pension advise and what could have been a regular boring meeting turned out to be a rather interesting discussion when we started talking about shariah compliance dealings! As the adviser was curious about shariah compliant pension and loans,  I ended up explaining to the adviser how it all works islamically as I understood it, and why we as Muslims do not accept or pay interest, how we only engage in definitive transactions avoid anything speculative. ISo we don't have the stress of market rates and speculation - we know exactly what we are in for and that's all we take a loan for - no hidden costs or added drama! I explained how we are taught not to just float around but we are proactive and aware of exactly what we are in for with anything financial. It made me realise Alhamdulillah, how fortunate we are as Muslims to : a) have a sustainable and wholesome model when it comes to finance and borrowin