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Succeeding with Sacrifice : Reflections on my "Ten Day sacrifice"

Salaams Post my little sacrifice effort, I am sure everyone wants to did it go? So here is my reflection. Well, it was very hard at first, I kept thinking about wanting to revert back like I was missing something. But after the 5th day, it was much easier. I found so much else to do to replace the time I would usually spend on the stuff above. Like instead of using TV to relax, I did other things like read, play a board-game or just sit and watch the sunset and do nothing else! I also had loads of time to up my Ibaadah - I did everything I wanted to do including catching up on some missed fasts. In the end what did I learn? I actually discovered some really interesting lessons. a) I learnt that there is a time and place for everything. There really is! Some evenings after I did all my prayers, and Quraan reading etc, I wanted to just relax my mind. I didn't want to read, or think too much - just chill. I realised, this could have been a time to watch TV. b) I

My Dhul Hijjah "Ten Day Sacrifice plan"

Salaams This year during the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, like last year, I embarked on a "sacrifice" of my own. Although I wasn't in Hajj, I recognized the importance of these blessed days, and decided that I wanted to make the most of it as well. I wanted to use it as a way to get back on track after the great habits set up after Ramadaan. And I wanted to use it as a way to re-connect with my Lord. As I am on sabbatical from my corporate job (I know I owe another blog post on that one!), I should have loads of time right, so I wanted to make something meaningful of this time, so this was my " Ten Day Sacrifice plan": I gave up the things in my life that were taking up time unconsciously and where I wasn't seeing much benefit. For me this was : a) watching TV (mostly series, movies, some sitcoms and loads of cooking shows) b) playing Covet on my phone I'm sure there are others, but this was a good starting point for me. I don't think doin