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Similarities, Smiles and Simplicity

Merhaba! I took great delight in attending my first Turkish wedding, now a few months ago. My husband shared with me an invite from his Turkish colleague and friend from work, someone I hadn't met before, but heard about. I was mostly just intrigued in experiencing  a wedding from a different culture so it was a quick decision to agree to attend. (I  did however later realise that I needed to correct my intention of attending -as an act of accepting an invite from a Muslim brother!) The journey to Uskudar, on the Asian side, the location for the wedding at a restaurant near the waters edge,was shaping up to becoming an adventure in and of itself too, when we were planning to hop on a ferry across the Bospherous to enjoy some fresh air and views. But the heat that day defied us that option, as it also meant a 20 minute bus ride in wedding attire, carrying a sleeping baby, stroller and bags. We took a peaceful 30 min air-con car ride with our friends instead! Not sure what I

Why I could'nt get a takeaway cup of coffee in Rome...and what happened after

I just heard a news feature on the radio this morning about coffee culture in Italy which reminded me of an incredible experience I had in Rome whilst on a business trip there a few years ago. Working in Rome has been filled with many little, yet impactful experiences just like this, so it was a pleasure to have this memory pop into in my mind this morning and I couldn't wait to share it. It was early evening, after a long days work at the office and I was tired and wanted to grab a quick cuppa before heading back to my hotel. I popped into a nearby cafe/restaurant intending to do just that and asked for a take away cappuccino. However the answer I received and what happened after that was totally unexpected - and a complete eye opener into Italian culture - and myself too. I guess I should have known - coffee can do that! The waiter explained to me patiently that actually they did not have any take away cups which was really surprising to me. Surely they must cater for th