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Turkish Tales: Exploring Eyup

We have a busy year ahead of us this year, especially in the Summer and beyond, and so we decided to maximise the time we have available now and bang through our Istanbul Bucket List each weekend! With the weather being not as warm and sunny as expected for this time of the year (back in March), we decided to do a more "inland" activity for that weekend, and something we could still enjoy with not much more than a light jacket and closed shoes. So we psyched ourselves up for a what we expected to be an active day out, both given the distance (about 20 kms from home - about 45-60 minute journey with any given transport), packed up our bags and baby's food and snacks and headed off to the Golden Horn neighbourhood of Eyup. Why Eyup? This place holds  high historical significance for us as Muslims where one of the close companions of the  Messenger of Allah Muhammad (may peace be upon him), with the name Abu Ayub Ansari is buried. With a fascinating story of his speci