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Best of the Web : FREE Art, Crafts, Printables, Themes for Ages 2-4 (summarised so you can start here!)

Hello Moms! There have been some amazing and plentiful online links being shared recently for free resources to keeping the kids busy at home during the recent self distancing we are all going through around the world. However, it can be overwhelming to go through the long list, and may even bring you to a halt before starting.  So to help you save time, I have summarised here the best links I found specifically for arts, crafts, printables, themes and ideas.  There are some incredible video and online resources like museum tours, e-books, online games and free movies but for now I prefer to do more hands on  (non- screen) activities with my kids (aged 19 months and 3 years). So these links are more for grown ups to use themselves directly (for ideas or to print to use with the little ones).  Want a super quick start? Here are my favourite go-to links: 1. Play and create The Imagination Tree Why I love it: Simple, easy to do ideas. Beautiful friendly layout.Real 2. T