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Cheats Guide to setting up an Eid to Remember

If you’re thinking about how to make Eid special for your little ones, given the context of a semi or fully socially isolated Eid this year, here is my cheats guide! ⭐️🌙  Many of us are already so busy just by running our homes, and with trying to do extra prayers in this last week. So like I suggested to my friend this week- Keep it simple and you’ll come up with a great day: think treats, gifts, activity and you’re done! 🌟 Kids (particularly smaller ones), appreciate the little things, and I’m sure with a sincere intention, you’ll make a lasting impression Insha Allah ! So here’s my simplified approach to make an impact : 1. Decor 🎀 Think about buntings, posters and table decor such as labels, serviettes and my favourite - toothpick flags. Use free online printables -  @ayeina_official  have a comprehensive list so just pick and print! You could also make some simple decor with your kids as an activity together to build up anticipation for the big day. Balloons are the cheape

How I improved my duas to Allah with one easy tool

As part of my preparations for Ramadan this year, I decided to spend some time focusing on my dua, and defining what it is I would be asking of Allah during this special month. I realized that whilst dua is a daily practice, preceded by my every salaah, I have not given it enough meaningful attention to benefit from the value I could otherwise gain from it. Allah says in the Quran (Chapter 40, Verse 60): “ Call upon me; I will respond to you .” I became aware that I have not been clear and specific in my appeal to Allah, often just quickly rattling off some previously thought of requests without giving it conscious thought. To expect results, I need to define exactly what I wanted from Allah, in all aspects of my life. This way I can feel sincerer and connected to Allah with my requests. So I sat down and brainstormed all the many things I wanted for myself- and my family by using an awesome tool called “ Mind Maps.” Artist: AJacub786 This takes me back to my scho

Instagram Live with Muslim Mummy (13 May 2020)

Ramadan Activities - awesome links to save you time!

I have been scouring the net on your behalf, to find amazing resources for activities suitable for my 3 year old. To save you time, here are some brilliant ideas I found with really useful and with beautiful content: 1. Talking to Allah with Thank You, Sorry, Please:  Parenthood Muslim Style 2. Crafts and Printables from Happiness is Homemade 3. The Greeting of Peace -ebook from Muslim Central 4. Playfully app - great games to play with your baby up to toddler. Love it, practical and evidence based. Save this post to your Bookmarks tab on your browser so you always have it on hand! Productive Muslim Mom