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Kemerburgaz Kent Ormani Istanbul

There is alot to discover at this amazing park in Gokturk,  and you will probably only be able to see it all if you have a car. We travelled by taxi (Progo to be precise), and therefore covered what we could on foot- with 2 strollers (2 toddlers under 4) It took us 20/25 minutes to get there by car. We spent 5 hours and probably could do with more. Entrance fee is 15TL per car, and more for minibuses etc. As we entered on foot since we were dropped off, there was no charge. (however costs added up with all the rides and activities- see below!) To eat: There are plenty benches located in the forest and around the park if you want to bring your own food for a picnic. You could camp out for the day! There is also a Beltur restaurant selling breakfast items (till 1 pm) and then a lunch menu including pasta, kofte, sandwiches as well as drinks and desserts. It overlooks the green open field so it has a great setting and prices are reasonable. Being in Nature: There is plenty of open green s