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How being grateful and positive in the time of crisis can help you through : A promise from the Quran

While studying the story about the Prophet Moosa (May Allah be pleased with him) in our weekly halqa, I came across a beautiful lesson from the Quran giving timeless advice on being positive in the time of crisis. The ustadh in the video I watched explained that as human beings, when we are in a difficult situation, we tend to focus on the problem. What we learn from this story that when faced with a testing scenario, if we want relief and a turnaround of things, we should stop thinking of the problem and focus on what would make us grateful to Allah.  Context  In the story of the Prophet Moosa (May Allah be pleased with him), he led his people who were tortured and humiliated in their homeland to escape through the split water. Whilst they were now safe from Pharaoh, on the other side, they were all alone in the burning desert- they've left their home behind and now have to face a new path and set up a new life with nothing at all. Moosa (May Allah be pleased with him), gives the