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Travel: Discovering Balat and Fener

It’s been ages since I’ve travelled across the Golden Horn for good old fashioned sightseeing so on a rare mild weather day recently, we headed over to explore the historic neighbourhoods of: Balat & Fenner in Istanbul, Alhamdulillah. I had this on my bucket list as it's usually cited as the slightly lesser known tourist spots as well as being interested to see yet another different side to this rich, captivating city!  Situated near Eminonu, on the European side of Istanbul, there are several buses headed in that direction and we took the 99 Bus. Being a random Monday, there were tourists milling around but it was crowd free and restaurants were quiet making social distancing easy and feasible everywhere we went.  Equipped with a  guide book and Google maps on our phone, we walked around the area, stopping for breakfast and later snacks (Pancake house). Here’s the highlights from our 3 hour self tour: Breakfast at Balat Antik Cafe  - beautiful garden setting with a great menu